PENSA simply means Pentecost Students and Associates. It is an inter-denominational Christian fellowship/association of students of the Church of Pentecost that also embraces all other Associates that share in the basic beliefs and practises of the Church of Pentecost.

PENSA is international in character and so constitutes an embodiment of people from diverse cultures, backgrounds and countries across the globe like the U.K. U.S.A, Japan, Germany, Ghana, Nigeria, among many other examples.

PENSA is a student body that creates the avenue for student leadership. At PENSA, the Youth are given the opportunity to discover and hone their God given gifts and talents, cultivate leadership skills, and most importantly build on their spiritual lives.

Members of PENSA are encouraged to take up constructive decisions and responsibilities geared towards the development of the Church and their immediate society at large. It believes that team spirit coupled with talent development shapes teamwork.

PENSA-Wuhan is branch of PENSA in Wuhan. Although there are several core-values such as evangelism, discipleship, discipline, prayers, the Bible, tithes and offering and among others, the Church seeks to achieve all these through the preaching and teaching of the word of God, prayers and fellowship. Hence, PENSA-Wuhan is known basically to be the house of the word of God, house of prayer and house of fellowship. PENSA-Wuhan presents the unadulterated word of God to all members, it teaches and helps others pray as well as having several distinctive programs that help build the fellowship among members.

PENSA-Wuhan believes that God can use anyone to make a difference irrespective of their background, talent or gifts; it all depends on their availability. PENSA-Wuhan has several ministries namely the Evangelism Ministry, the Prayer Ministry, the Music Ministry, the Bible Studies Ministry, Organising Ministry, Ladies Ministry among other and its doors are always open to accommodate members who are gifted and have interest in any of the Ministries.

PENSA-Wuhan seeks to assist its members develop themselves in the Lord and make them make Disciples of Christ.

PENSA-Wuhan is a distinctive place of worship where one can always have a great impact of the power and love of God. Our greeting is simply, “CHRIST IN YOU…” to which you respond “THE HOPE OF GLORY.”

God richly bless you.