Bent beneath your load

Bent beneath your load

Today’s Word

Bent  beneath your load

The Lord helps the fallen,and lifts up those bent beneath their load.Psalms 145:14(NLT)

This world we leave in is not  always  a bed of roses,time and again we are faced with difficult circumstances.Its either you have come out of  a storm or you are in  one or about  to enter into  one.We all walk around each carrying a load of our own.Sometimes the load is easier to carry and we smile and we are at peace knowing that God is in control then comes a time when it becomes unbearable and overwhelming.We feel as we are suffocating,as if we cant take a step further,we find ourselves bent beneath our load.

No matter how strong we are  at a certain point we find  ourselves   not so strong even if its  just for  a second.The good news here is that God is promising to help us when we  fall and lift us up when we  are bent beneath our load.Sometimes the problem we have  as christians  is we are sometimes not raw and honest with God .We act super heroish,we pretend that we are okay and we do not tell God that we are now bent beneath our load.When reading Psalms,we realize that David was a person who was raw and sincere in God ‘s presence.When He felt that God had forsaken Him and His enemies were winning He was honest with God.He was able to be raw and still acknowledge that God was His helper.

Pouring our authentic lament can draw us to God in unexpected ways.Its only  when we are honest with how we are feeling that we give God the chance to deal with those emotions.If God didnt expect us ever to fall or be bent beneath our load , He would have never ever told us that He will help us and lift us up.The bible says come ye all who are weary and heavy laden and l will give you rest.Sometimes the burden is too much,we dont have to pretend that we are okay and we  got it  all together.Great people like Job,Jeremaiah never hid their despair.Job got to a point of wishing if he could just die,Jeremiah was so despaired to the point of cursing the day he was born and the messenger who brought the news.

Do you find yourself bent beneath your load?Pour out your heart to God for He is ready to lift you up and water you in the areas you are dry.


Dear Heavenly Father l thank you for your word today.I pray that you lift me up in every area of my life where l find myself bent beneath my load.l cannot do it on my own Lord.I surrender all to you God.Help me to be raw and sincere in your presence and allow you to come to my aid.In Jesus Name.


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