PENSA-WUHAN is a place where members can discover their gifts as well as develop their leadership potentials. And so, we entreat all members to partake in the various ministries of interest. We have the Prayer Ministry, Evangelism Ministry, Organising Ministry (Ushering and Media), Music Ministry, Lady’s Wing Ministry and Bible Studies Ministry.

Music Ministry

MUSIC MINISTRY PENSA-WUHAN Psalm 95:1. Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Have you ever heard a song that moved you to the point where you wanted to tell all of your friends about it? Well, that’s the type of feeling you may experience when listening to gospel music. By its very definition, the…

Media Department

MEDIA DEPARTMENT PENSA-WUHAN The purpose of the Media Department is to help spread the Gospel of Christ through technology and to assist the various ministries of PENSA accomplish their own missions by striving for both spiritual and technical excellence. Primarily, the department is responsible for the audio-visual documentation of all events of the Church including…

Organizing Ministry

ORGANIZING MINISTRY PENSA-WUHAN   The Organising ministry is in charge of organizing and preparing the place of worship of the church for Sunday service and all other programmes. Likewise the organizing Ministry ensures that other friendly and social activities of the church are well organized. Also as part of its work, the Organising Ministry has direct supervisory…