Bible Study Ministry

Bible Study Ministry


To God be all the glory for the great things He has done and continues to do in our lives. We thank Him for His grace upon our lives, and the Bible Study Ministry (BSM) of PENSA-Wuhan.

The Bible Study Ministry started effectively in the beginning of the 2016/2017 academic year in the month of September. The numerical strength of the BSM is currently ten (10).

As a Ministry of PENSA-Wuhan that seeks the spiritual growth of all members through the study of God’s Word, the team has been working in diverse ways to make this vision a reality.

PART A: Successes, Strengths, Praise Reports and Challenges

  • 2017 Bible Study Guide

By God’s grace, a Bible Study Guide for the year was prepared and presented to the church on 12th March, 2017. This study material is purposed to serve as a guide for campus-based cell meetings.

  • Campus-Based Bible Study

The weekly campus-based Bible study meetings have been on-going. Meetings are facilitated by members of the Bible study team and other church members who are well versed in the Word of God.  Currently, cell meetings are held on the campuses of Wuhan University (both Main and Medical School campuses), China University of Geoscience (Dida), Hubei University of Technology, Tongji Medical School, and Ligong University. Meetings are held on either Thursdays or Fridays on the various campuses.

There are however, still some challenges with rekindling cells at Huazhong University of Science & Technology (HUST) and Wuhan University Software campuses.

To address the challenge of inadequate chairs during cell meetings, twenty (20) plastic chairs have been purchased for the brethren at HBUT, and this was sponsored by the church.

  • Mini Bible Seminar

A 3-day mini Bible seminar was held for Bible Study Ministry members on the 25th of February, and the 4th and 11th of March, 2017 at Hubei University of Technology campus. This program sought to build the capacity of members in terms of how to prepare Bible study materials. Topics treated include ‘Homiletics and Hermeneutics’, and were handled by Deacon Kwame Sarfo and Mr. Gideon Sagoe.

  • PENSA-Wuhan Library

Through the ‘Berean Project’, which was launched concurrently with the Bible Study Guide, a PENSA-Wuhan Library has been birthed. The vision of the PENSA Library is to make Christian literature accessible to all members. This seeks to address the challenge of accessing to Christian literature in China, especially those written in English language.

It is worth-mentioning that the initial stocking of the library was made possible by members willingly sowing (or donating) various books to PENSA-Wuhan. The Bible Study Ministry is therefore very grateful to all for their contributions and support. The library was opened on 19th March, 2017 and since then, patronage of materials has been beyond our expectation.

The library currently has a total of fifteen (15) books, which is way below the present demand. We therefore want to encourage all, both far and near, to also ‘sow’ as many books as they can to support the running of the PENSA Library.

  • Daily Devotional

It is good practice to start one’s day right by starting with the Word of God. As a result, members of the Bible Study Ministry post daily spirit-filled messages on the PENSA-Wuhan WhatsApp group page to help members start the day with God. We wish to acknowledge the ministries of Elder Moses A. Ameyaw, Sis. Pamela Boateng, and Sis. Rejoice S. Mavhunga in this regard.

  • Wednesday Bible Study Meetings

Our Wednesday Bible discussions have been very interesting and educative. It’s time duration is from 7:30pm – 8:30pm. Though characterized by relatively low turn-outs, most participants’ feedback indicate that they are always blessed by the discussions. This semester, topics that have been discussed included, The Holy Spirit and His works, Saving them at all cost, Fasting and praying the right way, How to discover your purpose, Love Your Neighbour and Offenses: harboring bitterness. All members are highly encouraged to participate so as to benefit from this meeting.

PART B: Upcoming Events

The Inter-Campus Bible Quiz for this year is scheduled to come off this semester. The trophy is currently in the camp of the HBUT brethren but can they retain it this year, or Wuda will be able to launch a successful revenge for the painful loss last year? Dida, Ligong, and Huashi are also mapping up strategies to snatch the cup this year. Who emerges the winner of this year’s competition?

Wednesday 17th May, 2017 will tell…Stay tuned for more updates.

By: Gideon Sagoe (Mr.)

Bible Study Coordinator (2016/2017)