Media Department

Media Department


The purpose of the Media Department is to help spread the Gospel of Christ through technology and to assist the various ministries of PENSA accomplish their own missions by striving for both spiritual and technical excellence.

Primarily, the department is responsible for the audio-visual documentation of all events of the Church including Sunday Morning Services and other special programs which are then made available on the PENSA website.


The specific duties of the department are as follows:

  • Preparing and/or projecting lyrics, presentations, videos, and other types of media for Sunday morning church services and other events of the church.
  • Maintaining the church website and social media accounts of the Church
  • Taking pictures/videos during church service and other events for publication on the church website.
  • Using desktop publishing software like InDesign, Photoshop Elements and other similar software for layout and image creation such as banners and posters.

If you have a natural gift for electronics or maybe you just have a strong desire to learn, along with a passion to serve the body of Christ, there are many opportunities for you to serve in the Media Department. We welcome anyone who is dedicated to bless the Kingdom of God with his or her talent.

Media Department Head (2016/2017)

Pamela Boateng