Our Liberating Father

Our Liberating Father



Although we may be considered God’s idea, a creation originated from God, and even God’s DNA as His creation, sin separated us from God and made us orphans. When Adam and Eve fell into sin in the Garden of Eden, man was separated from God, and lost the Father’s Glory. They became orphans.

Whereas Father God provided protection, provision, and identity for them in the past, after they made their choice, they were left to themselves to create their own identity, toil for their own provision, and fend for their own protection.

Living a life of slavery to the cares of the world or fear, limited by our experiences, definitions, and conclusions, was never the plan of God for your life. He planned to liberate you through the spirit of adoption.

When He adopts us back as sons and daughters, He leads us in both high and low moments of our lives. Paul says even at the lowest points of our lives we can cry, “Abba, our Father” in grief and sorrow, and God will be there to liberate us. Nothing is too hard for Abba to set us free.


Heavenly Father thank you for setting me free from the strongholds that held me. Help me always turn back to you to receive strength from You. In Jesus’ Mighty Name.




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