Remember and Be Thankful

Remember and Be Thankful



Remember and Be Thankful

  “I will remember the works of the LORD; Surely I will remember Your wonders of old. I will also meditate on all Your work, And talk of Your deeds.”     Psalms‬ ‭77: 11-12‬  ‭NKJV


Very few people forget their birthdays and wedding anniversaries. For such people, you really don’t know what is going on in their heads. However, almost all of us look forward to celebrate these occasions one way or the other. Some celebrate it big, others just quietly in reflection and thankfulness. The important thing is you managed to remember the importance of your anniversaries and took steps to make it special.

God Himself calls on us to remember the things He has done for us and be thankful and even go on to celebrate them. The festivals of the Israelites were instituted as a way of passing on what God did for them in times past and to help their children also to remember and be thankful. It was not just a celebration but an act of remembrance, declaration and thanksgiving for what God has done.

It is time we all learn to remember everything that God has brought us through. We should chart our progress and say with Israel that ‘Ebenezer, thus far the Lord has brought us.’ When we remember and are thankful, we invoke the pleasure of the Lord and He in turn does more for us. God loves it when we tell people of His goodness to us. Scripture says that ‘the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy,’ so let’s declare and testify of what God has done and prophetically repeat His acts again.


Dear Heavenly Father thank you for the word today.Father thank you for all that you have done ,you are doing and will do.I pray that you grant me a heart that will forever be grateful.



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