Remain in Christ and His basic message

Remain in Christ and His basic message


 We had a blissful moment once again this Sunday as our Vice President, Clement Lartey began an exposition of our year’s theme” Remaining in Christ and His basic message” The theme is based on 1 John 2:24-25. Most of us might be aware that we need in Christ in our lives but what does it even mean to remain in Christ? How does one remain in Christ?  What is the significance of remaining in Christ? These and several others number among the questions that were answered in this powerful sermon.

Basically, remaining in Christ is to continuously dwell in Christ by believing in Jesus, being Holy Spirit conscious and understanding the word of God. As one remains in Christ they are empowered by the Holy Spirit to bear fruits, encounter God through His word and get to be an example of Christ unto others. One also gets encouraged and is able to evangelize and remind oneself and others of Christ ‘s return.


The Grace Of God


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