The Grace Of God

The Grace Of God


The Grace of God is a well-established phrase amongst many believers. Though common, many have not come to it truest meaning and effect in their lives. This Sunday we were blessed to have Lady Annacleta from the Prayer ministry share with us on the Grace of God. As part of her delivery, she brought to our understanding that Grace is a gift from God. She also identified the things Grace can do as forgiveness of sins(Ephesians 1:7, Hebrews 8:12), power of God given to Man (Romans 8:1-4), daily mercies of God(Hebrews 4:16), the living word of God (Titus 2:12), healing and transformation (Deut. 30:6, Romans 12:2), the blessings of Abraham (Deut 28:1-2). She concluded with a demonstration of giving a gift to a member and ed the church to pray.

The Grace Of God

Simply put the grace of God is the love of God expressed.It’s the free and unmerited favour of God as manifested in the salvation of sinners and bestowed as a blessing.

To whom has grace been given
Titus 2:11, Eph 2:8

Grace is a gift that has been given to all men that they might be saved.Men receive this grace by accepting and having faith in Jesus Christ.
Although grace is given to all men, only those who have accepted Christ can have access to it.

Do all people need this grace?
The great day of the Lord is coming and on that day God will destroy all the disobedient and unrighteous.Hence we all need this grace for we have all fallen short of God ‘s glory.It’s by His mercy that He gave us His grace, not by works of righteousness.None of us deserved grace but we all need it.

How does this grace save me/how does it work?
Grace is a package of all of the following:

Forgiveness of sins
Once you have acknowledged that you are a sinner through Jesus’ blood our sins are paid for and God remembers them no more.
The living Word of God
After repenting and being forgiven, you need direction to right living before God.The Word of God gives us this direction.
The power of God
We need the power of God to do what the Word tells us.
Daily mercies
God knew that sometimes we might find ourselves falling Therefore God has given us daily mercies so that if we fall we might rise.
Healing and transformation
In order to enjoy God’s grace, we need our minds to be transformed by studying and applying the word.
The blessing of Abraham
Grace restores man to the man God created on the garden of Eden.Now we have the privilege to spend time in His presence and become more like Him.

Receive the gift of God today and escape the coming wrath but more than that experience heaven on earth.


Dear Father l thank you so much for your word,l thank you for your grace.I did nothing to deserve it but you freely gave and continue it to give me.I pray that you help me receive your grace.


God bless You



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