Where Are You? II

Where Are You? II



We all seek to find a way out of situations that prevails in our world, especially in our own lives. Perhaps the reason we are unable to be helped today is either because we cannot or will not give an answer to the question  “Where are you?” In today’s scripture, we see that Adam and Eve did respond; they responded to a love that is so strong.

As they came out of their hiding they both attempted to make excuses and blame somebody else…Adam blamed Eve… Eve blamed the devil… that is human nature. We always want to justify our faults and apportion blame. Eventually, they both said the same thing “And I ate.” That’s where God wants to bring us to; for us to sincerely admit our role in whatever situation we find ourselves in; an honest confession of sin.

Immediately after Adam and Eve fell into sin, we see what God is like – We see Him in His goodness and mercy reaching out to them. God is forever faithful to the extent that in our unfaithfulness, He doesn’t change. There were consequences for their actions but at the end of the chapter (Gen. 3:21), we see His amazing grace and love. He covered over their nakedness, shame and guilt with clothing made from the skins of animal sacrifices.

This is what Jesus did on the Cross.  He sacrificed His life as atonement for our sins – as a covering to take away our sins and shame and to reconcile us to God in faith.

In this present day, God keeps on calling– to the ends of the earth – “Where are you?” And if we respond, if we will come out of our hiding places and sincerely respond to His call, He will be merciful and abundantly pardon our sins and receive us as His own.

As He relentlessly pursues you, I pray you allow His love to overtake you.


For a love so deep, I say thank You. May I respond to Your call and be sincere to You in whatever situation I find myself in. I am forever grateful to You for the Cross in Jesus’ name,



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  1. Moses

    Whenever we respond to the call of God, inspite of where we are, He will cloth us with His mercies and love. What a loving Father.
    God bless the writer.

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